Cuban Flyfishing

Wow. Cuba. What a treat. After all my travels, this destination was certainly one of my favorites. We spent several days exploring Havana before making our way to Cayo Cruz to focus on my man’s true mission of the trip…the fish.

The people of Havana were incredibly friendly and kind. English is certainly minimal so if you are not somewhat fluent in Spanish, you are likely to have some difficulty navigating around.

As for the fishing, it was absolutely mind-blowing. For those with less experience, it can be tough fishing. Much of it is sight fishing. For a not so great fisherwoman, who also is nearly blind, the site fishing aspect was tough for me. Luckily, there were tons of other ‘easier’ fish to catch. Plus, it sure wasn’t too shabby sunbathing on a boat, crystal clear water and plam trees all around and my man happier than ever as he gets to fish the entire day away.

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