Originally from Texas, Janie Viehman has always had a unique and creative mentality. She studied Photocommunications at St. Edward’s University and found her way out to the Rocky Mountains just after graduating. Although landscape photography has always been her true love, she learned a new appreciation for portraiture, product, and interior design photography when she began shooting for The Scarab in 2013 through 2017.

Once she began to work remote and was then allowed much more flexibility to spend time on capturing that what she most loves…adventures through nature. Her photography was again able to focus more on landscape photography through product promotion and the capturing of travel and adventure images.

Now, Janie spends her days fulfilling both ‘personal’ and ‘work’ time simultaneously. Between capturing adventure and lifestyle images, she also works as a digitally marketing manager to continually find ways to better connect with ‘her people’. As Confucious so eloquently stated ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’.